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Trade In Your Car at Marlow Ford

Why Should I Sell My Car to a Dealer?

When it’s time to upgrade your vehicle, you have plenty of options. Most people ask, “Should I sell my car to a dealer or sell it outright?” Marlow Ford is here to tell you that trading in your car, SUV or pickup truck is easy when working with our team. We make it easy and fast with our dealership trade in program, whether or not you buy from our Ford dealership.

Our auto dealership is here to help you discover what your car is worth and provide you with fair market value based on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds estimates. If you’re wondering, “should I trade in my car?” the answer is Yes. Contact the team at Marlow Ford today to learn more about why we buy all cars, regardless of whether or not you purchase a new, used or certified vehicle from our Ford dealership.

Trade in My Car vs. Selling to a Third Party

It may sound attractive to list your vehicle for sale on social media and reap the personal finance benefits; however, it’s not always that easy. Selling your vehicle to a third party requires more due diligence on your part. Not only must you list the price, but you must also ensure that interested parties are honest and willing to pay fair market value. The process is often cumbersome and may take weeks or months to finalize.

Trading in your car at Marlow Ford is seamless. We take care of all of the paperwork and make instant offers based on the condition, make and model of the vehicle. Our team researches the vehicle specs and shares recommendations based on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. We also offer additional perks if you purchase a vehicle from us, although it is not required to buy or lease from our Ford dealership when you trade in your car.

Our dealership trade in program is fair and honest. If you do decide to select a pickup truck, SUV or sedan from our Ford dealership, you save even more at sign in when trading in your car to a dealer. We invite you to stop in to test drive one of our new, used or certified pre-owned vehicles that are loaded with high-end cabin technology, safety features, premium performing engine options and exceptional style.

Car Trade In

The Best Way to Sell My Car to a Dealer

If you’re thinking, “it’s time to trade in my car,” then let Marlow Ford guide you through the process. To get the best value for your dealership trade in, we recommend removing all trash from the vehicle, shampooing cloth upholstery and vacuuming leather seats, as well as the cargo area. While you don’t need to wax your vehicle, you want it to present well when selling a car to a dealer.

Stop in at Marlow Ford and ask our certified technicians to perform a thorough inspection of all the working parts. Making minor maintenance adjustments can add value to the dealership trade in. When you’ve decided, “it’s time to trade in my car,” then gather all vehicle paperwork and maintenance records before heading to Marlow Ford. Our sales staff will assess the car, truck or SUV, run a vehicle history report and give you an instant quote.

Even if your vehicle is not in tip-top shape, don’t hesitate to sell your car to a dealer. The dealership trade in program at our Ford dealership takes into consideration normal wear and tear and seeks out fair market value so you can feel good about trading in your car. While you’re here, consider options for an upgrade. Although our dealership trade in program does not require that you purchase from us, we are eager to help you save and drive off the lot in style in one of our new, used or certified pre-owned vehicles.

Marlow Ford is home to the latest Ford models, including the F-150, Explorer, Expedition and Mustang. Test drive a sports car, SUV or pickup truck to unveil the bold style that comes from owning a Ford. We also offer used and certified pre-owned vehicles in a variety of makes and models for you to consider when trading in your car. Utilize our online platform to browse our vehicles available and to value your trade in. We make it easy for you to upload photos and documentation when selling your car to a dealer. Contact us today to learn more.

It’s Time: Sell My Car to a Dealer

If you’re ready to sell your car to a dealer, it’s time to stop in at Marlow Ford. Our dealership trade in program is fair, fast and easy. Give us the opportunity to help you gain some extra cash or save when upgrading to a new vehicle after trading in your car, truck or SUV. Our team is here to assist you with all of your automotive needs.

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