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About Shenandoah, VA

The town of Shenandoah, VA was founded by the Forrer brothers, Daniel and Henry, in 1837. The brothers settled in Shenandoah to take advantage of the abundant natural resources found in the area. These included extensive deposits of hardwood, iron ore, high-grade limestone and waterpower from the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. The Shenandoah River was also used by the Forrer brothers to transport commodities produced by the Shenandoah Iron Works to buyers downstream. Shenandoah Iron Works also operated as the first post office in the town with Henry Forrer as its postmaster.

Houses, businesses and industries were soon built next to the Shenandoah River. Other historical structures were also constructed around that time including Mt. Lebanon United Church at Comertown, Stephens Cottage, the SouthFork House and the Old Verbena Mill.

The Town of Shenandoah played a major role in the Civil War. Three iron ore furnaces around Shenandoah smelted raw iron into pig iron (crude, intermediate iron). Additionally, local furnaces manufactured cannonballs and shipped gunpowder for the Confederate Army. In 1866, William Milnes, Jr. and Thomas Johns came to Shenandoah and purchased 32,000 acres including the Forrer's Shenandoah Iron Works. These men continued the iron works, improving production by using patented modern tools and machinery.

Thanks to the work of William Milnes, Shenandoah’s railroad enabled town industries to ship out their goods by train instead of by boat on the river. This gave the railroad plenty of business. Taking advantage of the railroad's presence, Milnes founded the Big Gem Cast Iron Furnace. Completed in 1882, the Big Gem produced 110 tons of iron ore per day. Red hot cinder was poured down the cinder bank every night, creating sparks that served as a popular sight to see. The Big Gem illuminated the entire town.

In honor of the contributions of William Milnes, the post office name was changed from Shenandoah Iron Works to Milnes on June 27, 1882. The town also became incorporated on February 12, 1884 by an Act of the General Assembly and also changed its name to Milnes. In 1890, an Act of the General Assembly changed the town name from Milnes to Shenandoah City, and the town parted with the City portion of the name since then.

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