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What is Oil’s Job in Your Engine?

Your engine oil is one of the most vital components of your vehicle, and if you ever tried to operate your engine without it, your engine would eventually self destruct…(seriously). Dive in with us as we talk about the importance of engine oil and keeping it changed, and why it's important to have your Ford oil change services done by the qualified professionals here at Marlow Ford.

Engine oil is responsible for lubricating the many moving parts inside your engine, ensuring that friction is kept to a minimum and that your engine components remain cool to damage. Over time, the efficacy of your engine oil begins to break down and your engine will be exposed to more heat and more friction, which could lead to damage to your engine. Damage to your engine isn’t always so easy to spot, but could lead to premature failure, costly repairs, and a decrease in engine reliability. To keep your engine operating optimally, returning its intended fuel economy, and providing optimal reliability, it's recommended that your oil be changed in particular intervals to ensure that your engine is always running with oil that gets the job done.

There are generally three types of oil that your engine may use:

Conventional Oil - this type of oil has been fracked from the earth, refined and placed in your engine. Conventional oil degrades the fastest of its other lubricating counterparts and needs to be changed roughly every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Full Synthetic Oil - this type of oil is made entirely from chemical compounds to provide lubrication for your engine. Synthetic oil is often used in high performance engines due to its superior protection and lubrication abilities. Because synthetic oil performs better, it needs to be changed roughly every 7,500-10,000 miles; about two to three times less often than its conventional counterpart.

Synthetic Blend - synthetic blend oil is a blend of conventional and synthetic oil to give your engine more tailored protection. Generally used in high mileage engines, synthetic blend oil generally uses synthetic additives to a conventional base to address concerns in older engines, such as oil leaks, seal protection, and a mild detergent to prevent carbon buildup. Depending on the blend of the oil, synthetic blend will need to be changed roughly every 5,000-7,500 miles.

Why It’s Important to Trust the Pros

Having your Ford oil change service done by one of our qualified technicians is important because all oil, and all oil filters are not created equally. All of our technicians are factory trained so they know your vehicle inside and out, and use genuine OEM replacement parts and fluids.

Independent mechanics may use subpar oil, or generic oil filters which may not filter contaminants in your engine like a genuine oil filter would.

When it comes to the care of your Ford, trust no one besides the professionals here at our Marlow Ford.

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